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Looking to Lease an Office or Suite of Offices?

Looking to Lease an Office or Suite of Offices? Atrium Suites can be your future Business Office. From conference rooms to desk space, we’ve have what you’re looking for. Schedule a Tour today 714-543-4979.

Life in the Business World is Hard Enough

Life in the business world is hard enough, you need every advantage. Start by leasing an office with Atrium Suites. Atrium Suites offers a professional atmosphere with lease options. You deserve nothing less than control and productivity of your own office; we offer peace of mind leasing. Lease an Office with Atrium Suites in Orange [...]

Be Creative in your own Office

Let yourself go creative in any of our offices that are available for lease. Shopping centers, Business Centers, and Freeways are just a walk or drive away.

All Entrepreneurs and Business Owners need a Place for their Business

All entrepreneurs and business owners need a place for their business – come on in and Lease Your Office today! We are located in Orange County: 1850 East 17th Street, Suite 117, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Do You Need to Rent an Office for Your Business?

We know it can be hard to find an office with all the features you need but now, you’ll never have to. Welcome to Atrium Suites in Orange County, CA in the city of Santa Ana.